MARL CPV power station

Project:MARL CPV Power Station:
Location: Lisbon region supplying market, Loures, Portugal
Client: Manpower
Developer: Fomentinvest
Installed capacity: 240 Kw
Structure type: STP64-STEELROOT Tracker pillar (3 units)
Ground type: clay
Number of foundations: 18 units
Work duration: 3 days
Year: 2011

Santiago Island photovoltaic Power Station

Project:Praia, Santiago Island, Republic of Cape Verde
Client: Constalica
Developer: Martifer Solar
Installed capacity: 5 Mw
Structure type: continuous, single mast
Ground type: highly fragmented basalt, landfills
Number of foundations: 2 044 units
Work duration: 32 days
Year: 2010

Porteirinhos - Photovoltaic Power Station

Project: Porteirinhos - Photovoltaic Power Station.
Location: Almodovar, Portugal
Client: Generg
Developer: Generg
Installed capacity: 6 Mw
Structure type: individual 2 x 2 supports
Ground type: silt clay, greywacke
Number of foundations: 8 448 units Work duration: 61 days
Year: 2010