With the STEELROOT ™ foundation system you can be cost and dubiousness efficient in the installation process of your infrastructure !

Predictable installation

Small construction teams of 2 can deliver high turnover of up to 8 foundations per hour (depending on soil conditions).

Through its double plate adjustment system, Steelroot™ foundations guarantee perfect alignments, even in the worst soil conditions.

Minimal environmental impact

Steelroot™ foundation system can be removed from the ground with leaving any trace of its presence. By eliminating concrete or chemicals, this foundation system has no environmental impact on soil or underground water beds.

The Steelroot™ patented foundation system is made of steel and can be fully recycled after its useful lifetime.

Engineered to your needs

We engineer the Steelroot™ patented foundation system to your specifications, designing it for your project’s soil conditions, bearing loads and lifetime requirements.